28 years


no children

Firstly, I’m a human and a woman. Most of the time I'm like everyone else around me. We all have a lot in common. I think a lot of the time we’re all dealing with the same things, getting by doing the same things. Spending the time trying to do the things I like, and spending less time doing the things I don’t like, and I suppose discovering things about myself as well. At other times I think I’m a person with amazing dreams, ridiculous aspirations and trying to be someone particularly special.


Close knit group

I’m from a little place called Balingup in Western Australia, where I grew up in a community with a really really big family. It wasn’t just relations, but friends and family, which was a really cool, close knit group. I think I try to mimic and find a little bit of that around me, wherever I go.


Ready to explore

I’m in Hobart and in a pretty happy space. I’ve got a fair bit of change coming and I’m pretty excited about it and ready to explore the world a bit.

I’ve trial and errored my way to most places I go. A little bit of fumbling. A little bit of purposeful decision making. Mostly trying, seeing what I like and I suppose that’s in most aspects of my life. Physically, emotionally, work, friends, family, my hobbies and experiences.

I don’t think I’ve got a direction. I’m just going. Plodding along. Sometimes I leap ahead and make big direction changes, but a lot of the time I’m just going.



I think I’m quite driven, focused, determined and persistent. On the verge of being stubborn, but when I do decide when I want something, I head in a direction and follow it through well.


Pressure to be remarkable

I’d like to see everyone aiming to be a little more unremarkable. I think I feel a lot of pressure to be great at something or to achieve something big and new. To stand apart from from those around me. Maybe I put that on myself. I think we find ourselves pushing towards goals and I think sometimes that a better role model, or better place to be aiming for, is to be just like everyone else.


Describe yourself in one sentence

I’m adventurous and spontaneous, but I do like a little bit of order.