33 years



I am a Western Australian, violin playing, beach loving, Occupational Therapist. That probably isn’t what I want to put at the top, because I don’t think that work defines me.  I’m well-traveled, honest, family orientated, not driven and thirty three. It’s a good age for me. I feel like I’ve come into my own in a way. I’m in a good place at the moment. I’m feeling like I understand myself better than I have before. That probably sums me up.


Perth, Brixton, Hobart

I’m from Perth. I’m from Brixton. I’m from Hobart. I think probably Perth will always be that little place that feels like home to me, but I haven’t lived there for seven years or so now, so I come from other places too.

I’m now married and in a place that is quite stable compared to the previous few years. This is the first time that I have felt settled, so Hobart is a place that I feel very calm and safe.


We met traveling

I met a man at uni, Brendan. It sort of clicked with me straight away. I don’t know if it went both ways. I can only talk about my own emotions really, but I felt like we clicked straight away and we knew that we were going to travel from the start. We met traveling and we knew that we would continue to travel.

When we were in London, living there for a while, I sort of continued to assume that we would go back to Perth, because that's where things started. It was probably a little bit naive. I had just assumed and he said to me “well, what if I don’t want to go back to Perth?”, which took me by surprise. I realised that I had made an assumption, so I almost went the other way and said “let’s go to Hobart then”, without thinking too much about it. I did know a few people here already. I wanted to be near our family and it was a good option price-wise. It just sort of happened that way. Despite saying that I’m comfortable here, we always said that we would come here and see what happened. It was never forever, so I think we will just stay here until we decide that we don’t want to be here anymore.

I don't even have a passport

Well, we aren’t going anywhere at the moment, because I don’t even have a passport. So, that’s really sad that I let it go.

Where am I going? I’m always thinking about it. I’m always thinking ahead. I think I’m going to the next stage of my life. Family-wise and career-wise at the same time, which is awkward. I’m studying again. Trying to figure out what the hell I want to do for a job in the long-term. That’s a big thing on my mind, what the future holds. I guess with my relationship moving forward, whatever that means, we may have a family, if we’re lucky. So that’s a big deal.

Honesty and openness

I think I’m quite good at communicating with people and getting people to communicate with me. I think I have a good way of getting to know people and building rapport with people. I like that about me. I like my honesty and openness. It kind of links with the other things as well. I find that I have a big capacity to love. A really big, wide, broad heart and I like that.

Usually, if I want to change something, I do. I’m trying to be more creative, like do more hobbies. Do things that define me more to myself. Not for the benefit of anyone else, but trying to be more creative.


Describe yourself in one sentence

A capacity to feel and put it out there. Otherwise, it’s the things that I do that define me, like work, playing music, drinking wine or catching up with friends.