Bangkok, Thailand

Day 23 ~ Final day in Wurzburg. Exploring the Japanese Gardens & relaxing with Francie

Day 22 ~ Bamberg

Day 20 ~ Cruise on the Main to Veitshochheim & return

Day 17 ~ Fussen & Neuschwanstein Castle

Days 15 & 20 ~ Exploring Ring Park

Day 11 ~ Rothenberg on der Tauber

Day 10 ~ Heidelberg

Road trip to Heidelberg with Francie, which included drinks, delicious food, a lot of walking & a Christmas shop.

Day 9 ~ Sommerhausen

A short road trip to Sommerhausen to enjoy cherries sold from a shopping trolley, the beautiful architecture, a pretzel and a macaron.

Day 8 ~ Frankenwarte Playground and a walk through Kappele Sanctuary to Wallfahrtskirche Käppele

Days 6 & 7 ~ Wandering Wurzburg, quiet day at home & a return visit to the Botanical Gardens to have lunch with Francie

Day 5 ~ Wurzburg, Germany

A walk to and from the Wurzburg Residence and around the gardens

Day 4, Wurzburg, Germany ~ Fortress Marienberg exploring & picnic

Day 3, Wurzburg, Germany

Today was another easy day as we try to battle the effects of jetlag (Dot is still waking at 3am!). We spent the morning at the beautiful park on the opposite side of the Main (canal). It’s possibly the most beautiful little park we have ever seen with its leafy green surrounds.

After a sleep in the middle of the day we attempted to walk to the Fortress Marienberg, but only made it to the BUND Natural Conservation parkland, which is a lush green reserve with some of the town's original architecture still remaining. Dot loved it, especially when we found a park with a mix of water features, swings, slides and climbing. We’ll drive to the fortress another day and explore the surrounding Japanese gardens.

Day 2, Wurzburg, Germany

The day started with a wander through some of the city's narrow streets and a quick coffee at Fred (now our favourite cafe in Wurzburg). We met Francie for lunch at the botanical gardens, where her university campus is located. The day finished at a market, located only a few blocks from our apartment. It mostly consisted of food, which was ideal as it catered for our early dinner.

Thursday 24th May 2018 ~ First day in Wurzburg, Germany